A Nation Changed? The SNP and Scotland Ten Years On

A Nation Changed? provides the first detailed and wide-ranging analysis of the SNP in office. It looks at how Scotland has changed and not changed during that time, and the challenges that lie ahead. The book examines the SNP’s record, its role as a government and as a party, detailed […] Read More

Promising the past: why Corbyn needs a new policy on Europe

At a certain point, Brexit will have to be implemented. However, its unprecedented nature makes any clear reckoning of the outcome impossible. Brexit is an eye-wateringly complex bureaucratic endeavour. Now that the gears of departure are in motion, they cannot be interfered with in order to serve any expedient political […] Read More

Why #GE17 will be known as the anti-politics election

With mandate fatigue paralysing the body politic, it’s little wonder that many are approaching the coming election with reluctance, dread, and a real sense that something irrevocable is on the horizon. The country must, it seems, be made to swallow a fairy nasty Brexit-brew. The injunction to gulp it down […] Read More