In Search of Post-Carbon Scotland

In October 2017 the Scottish Parliament voted overwhelmingly to support an indefinite ban on fracking. The move was, correctly, deemed historic. For the first time after centuries locked-in to the business of a carbon-based economy, seams of fossilised wealth were to be left in the ground. The landscape would be unaltered, […] Read More

Scotland as Sanctuary

To find the repressive machinery of the state you happen to live in marshalled against you is a terrifying prospect. Most of us will never know what it means to find the passport that allows you to travel freely, the norms you live by suddenly inverted, and all those minute […] Read More

Meanwhile in Scotland: independence is a long game that can’t wait

Party conferences are strange beasts. At a time when politics is hobbled by a constant need to respond to the surreal and the unexpected, the party conference tells you everything, and nothing, about the substance of how decisions are made, courses set, careers ruined and policies arrived at. Party memberships […] Read More

Expiring Capital – on leaving Edinburgh

Squint your eyes when looking at Edinburgh from most angles and you can still, despite the uniquely layered density of spires and rooftops, imagine it empty of people, prehistoric. What Edinburgh has meant in the past is writ large everywhere, usually with a Victorian confidence about such matters. What Edinburgh […] Read More

Review: Roch Winds: A Treacherous Guide to the State of Scotland (Luath)

There is a well-founded reason for Hamish Henderson’s notorious discomfort at the notion that his most salient contribution to Scottish radicalism might one day become the national anthem. National anthems, so the poet held, were destined to become dirges — weighted down by their own significance — established, important, impotent. If […] Read More